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WPT National UK London Main Event – Day 2

Follow The Leader 


After three opening day flights, Philip Gould (pictured) leads us into today’s play, which starts at 2pm.  Who will make Day 3 or the money?  Find out right here right through this afternoon and evening!


Philip Gould 200200
Wlodzimierz Cymbalko 148300
Philip Butt 139600
Anooj Sareen 139500
Gerald Ringe 134500
Tristan Chaplin 129700
Peter Mok 127300
Ross Mannion 126900
Natalie Sadri 125900
Geoffrey Richards 123000
Hans Groenroos 122900
Paul Bahbout 118400
Victor Ilyukhin 115000
Karan Kayastha 113400
Ki Thuong Duong 108300
Mark Thomas 104300
Timotheos Timotheou 99800
Gabor Zamosi 97900
Ahmed Rasull 97900
Svetlin Ivanov 92400
Van Vu 92000
Denas Benevicius 90500
Tamas Gero 89800
Kyle Wilson 89400
Krystian Schodowski 88800
Joseph Crampsie 88800
Alan Dean 86800
Mohammad Taghipour Fard 85600
Anne Loughlin 84400
John Verbeeten 83500
David Simpson 83400
Gareth Holt 83400
Matthew Bushell 83200
Gursel Gulfer 80800
James Charlton 80000
Nicholas Weaver 80000
Jan Andersen 79400
Errol Williams 78700
Zanas Lubys 77400
Khadir Khoshawy 77200
The Dang 77000
Daniel Bushell 76500
Mithov Andreev 76100
George Alexander 75600
James Mitchell 75000
Vladimir Marchevici 75000
Mihaly Rusu 74800
Mohammad Shanehzan 74600
George Achillea 74400
Daniel Hanchard 74000
Umberan Akhtar 74000
Yung Cheung 73800
Jordan Oconnor 73600
Yilfer Shevket 73300
James Greenwood 71600
Vachand Nankoosing 71300
Mohammed Ali 71200
Elio Saade 70900
Ryan Kelly 70700
Mathieu Bragard 70200
Nuno Miguel Duarte 69800
Gut Steel 69000
Stephen Smith 69000
James Parker 68600
Surinder Sunar 68400
Huseyin Houssein 68400
Russell Brooks 68100
Katie Swift 67400
Steven Graham 67300
Benjamin Howell 65400
Mortaza Sahibzada 65300
Ian Fung 65300
Kevin Neal 64200
Bobbie Brummitt 62900
Alin Torjoc 62200
Tony Sullivan 61700
Hyeo Ahn 61300
Colin Bord 61000
Alexander Jager 60000
Steven Alper 59300
David Orrin 58500
Joe Phillips 58500
Lachezar Lukanov 58100
Iosif Roussos 58100
Nayden Tonov 58000
Casper Holmberg 57800
Herve Decker 57400
Marius Zalpys 57100
Carl Spicer 55600
Franck Speeg 54400
Chan Ha 54300
Neil Barron 53600
Nuno Miguel Campos Antunes 53500
Martynas Valkunas 53200
Graham Hawkes 52100
Philip Green 52100
Cristian Pall 51900
Andrew Brisland 51700
Stephanie Johnston 51400
Jamie Kingston 50300
Per Andersson 50100
Fernando Óscar Penote Garcia Amador 50000
Thomas Carpenter 49900
Agron Gjergji 49500
Ricky Pike 48500
Ricki Valencia 48000
Daniel Gregory 47100
Lisa Tan 47000
Benjamin Carpenter 47000
Darren Hand 46500
Jason Lam 46400
Balint Pusztai 45000
David Phethean 44400
Jamal Gormati 43800
Jaan Fiddian 43700
James Osullivan 43000
Master Miah 42600
Leo Lim 41700
Ionut Rincu 41500
Zak Ly 41500
Chantel Westdale 41500
Ricardo Campanario 40600
Rolf Hansen 40500
Justin Moutousamy 40100
Michael Miles 39800
Cristian Ciuperca 39700
Keith Wright 38900
Attila Kovarczi 38800
Daniel Whittaker 37900
Richard Thomas 37700
Konrad Kucharczyk 37600
Dennise Frost 37200
Cary Atkins 36800
Duncan Gareth Wilkie 36700
Leon Mills 36600
Richard Mcdonald 36200
John Gilbert 34600
Bengt Hallner 34400
James Herraghty 34200
Mantas Zeringis 34000
John Pogue 33900
Luke Slisz 33000
Friedrich Franz 32700
Yusuf Osman 32200
Hasan Gul 32100
Nigel Berg 31800
Paal Haandlykken 30600
Siegfried Hodgson 30500
Ashish Gupta 29800
Kevin Howrad 29600
Andrew Douglas 28800
Dwight Scott 28500
Mohammed Suhail 28200
Patrick Boudreau 27600
Andrew Sharples 27500
Bernard Litman 27000
Jon Aldalur Arrospide 26000
Marios Andreas 26000
Arno Simon 25700
Fabian Donovan 25100
Darren Mapley 24400
Even Spilling 24000
Vadim Seriozeckin 23800
Anthony Taylor 23400
Peter Fodor 23100
Michael Lee 21900
William Whicher 20200
Tomos Lloyd 20100
Sebastian Le Port 20000
Robertas Vaitkevicius 19800
Alexandru Marcu 19100
Paul Russell 18500
Daiva Barauskaite 18200
Aziz Kara 17700
Istvan Klinghammer 16900
Zbigniew Brudecki 16000
Eric Ramkeesoon 15200
Constantin Rolea 15000
Charlambos Hadjicharalambous 14700
Thomas Denis 13600
William Gravell 13200
Robert Glen 12800
Michael Cave 12800
Gunnar Odden 12700
Attila Toth 12000
Nicholas Finn 11500
Gareth Smirthwaite 9800
Graham Carson 9600

APPT8 Manila Day 1B: Time to cash in

“I don’t care too much for money ‘cos money can’t buy me love.”

Well, “The Beatles”, if that isn’t just some silly made-up name, then you clearly have not played an Asia Pacific Poker Tour event because money is what this tournament is all about.

The prize pool has just been announced as 11,349,000PHP (US$ 260,777) with 3,472,000PHP (US$ 79,780) being award to the winner of the APPT8 Manila event. This includes a HK$ 100,000 entry to the 2014 ACOP Main event. Just making the final table will earn you at least 242,000PHP (US$ 5,561).


We’re having a thrilla in Manila! (sorry)
In total, there were 260 entries into this year’s APPT Philippines event, 102 more than last year’s event in Cebu. There will be 28 places paid in total with each player receiving a minimum of 76,000PHP (US$ 1,746).

In terms of players, there were 27 different countries represented over the past two days. The Phillipines obviously had the largest number of players with 73 entries – this constituted over a quarter of the total field.

Korea, Australia and Japan rounded out the top four which accounted for over half of the field. China, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and the United Kingdom all provided decent numbers while just a solitary player came from Estonia, France, Macau, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden. Below is a full breakdown of the numbers in delicious pie-form, everyone likes a pie.


A pie chart just for you, because we care
As for today’s field, there are now just 78 players remaining from the initial field of 153. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was eliminated after she check-called all in on the river with pocket kings, believing her opponent had missed a flush draw. The Korean player was correct but unfortunately for her, her opponent had backdoored into a straight instead to eliminate her. With just under an hour left of play, Seung Soo Jeon looks to be the chip leader with roughly 103,000 though he’ll need to increase that significantly if he is to challenge the Day 1A chip leader Daniel Belov.

Looking beyond the table

As you read this, the poker community is coping with the loss of two of its stars: Chad Brown and Johannes Strassmann. You might find it odd that I use the word “star,” since neither of them won a WSOP bracelet or an EPT title. They will not end up in the poker Hall of Fame and books will not be written about their lives.

But note that I said neither “won” a WSOP bracelet. In fact, the World Series of Poker very graciously awarded an honorary bracelet to Chad Brown toward the end of his life. The WSOP wanted to acknowledge that champions come in all forms and Chad was a champion in how he presented himself at the poker table, how he acted as an ambassador for the game, and how he lived his life.

Which is what this piece is about. In his must-read book, Big Deal, Anthony Holden says of his legendary Tuesday Night home game, “Ultimately, it wasn’t about the cheques that we wrote to each other, but about the stories exchanged, the camaraderie shared.”1


We no longer have Johannes Strassmann and Chad Brown to tell us their stories, to describe their plans and dreams, or to share ours with them. The money that we would have won from or lost to them – it’s all the same. You might win my money, but once it’s in your pocket, you won’t know (or care) whether it came from me or Chad Brown. But I won’t be able to tell you about the games at the Commerce Club near L.A. or working as a professional actor. And Johannes, he obviously had great plans beyond the poker table – he was talking about Silicon Valley and start-ups and who knows what all else.

But now, the stories of their lives have an ending, and we as a community are poorer that Chad and Johannes are no longer here to share them.

And that’s the moral to the story, if there is one. When you’re at the poker table, remind yourself that the money you win or lose is fungible. You can swap it for other dollars or pounds or Euros and it doesn’t change a thing. But the people with whom you’re playing, and their stories, are not fungible. They are unique and the story that you hear from a fellow player (if it’s not a bad beat one) will be different than any other story you ever hear anywhere.

You know, the word coming from the World Series of Poker is that the senior’s event has become the place where you see the most fun being had, the best stories being told, the most laughter per table. Acknowledging my bias as a member of that club, I think I know the two important reasons. First, since they’ve been around the block a few more times and been to a few more rodeos, the seniors have more stories to tell, and the well from which they draw them is deeper. But just as importantly, they’ve gotten perspective. They know that the money comes and goes anonymously but the story lingers on, autographed by its teller. So they trade stories as fast as they trade chips, knowing that whether they cash or not, they’ll come away richer.

That’s a good plan for all of us, at the table and away from it. We can’t get the stories and dreams from Chad and Johannes any longer, but there are others to be shared – don’t forget to collect them among the flops, turns, and rivers.

$25,000 Dollar Frenzy

On Sunday, July 27th we are putting up a massive $ 25,000 in guaranteed cash for our $ 25K Dollar Frenzy promotion. Players don’t want to miss out on this guaranteed cash.


All players have to do to take part is buy-in to the below tournament for $ 1.10 and take their shot at cashing in on $ 25,000.

Tournament Name: $ 25,000 Dollar Frenzy
Date: Sunday, July 27th, 2014
Time: 16:00 Server Time
Buy-In: $ 1.10 Cash or Entry Coupon
Tab Location:  Tournaments > Special/Regular

We are guaranteeing $ 25,000 with a significant amount of payouts, which make it easier for your players to get a piece of the massive prize pool.

Kara Scott – Time To Play In Vegas Baby!

It’s been a shorter than usual WSOP for me this year but I’ve definitely been cramming in as much as I can. I’ve played 3 events so far including the $ 1500 Monster Stack that I’m heading for a Day 2 with today. I’ve only got 20bb but with such a great structure, anything can happen! I managed a cash in a 1k NLHE and I’m feeling pretty happy about that. Cashing at least 1 out of 3 events played is a damn good result and it’s always a nice feeling to put a little WSOP flag on my Hendon Mob results.

TV Mode ON

The Big One For One Drop event starts soon as well, so I’m about to go into full TV presenter mode as I’ll be covering that and the Main Event again for ESPN. We’re not airing the summer portion of the Main live so my main focus will be to really dig around for interesting stories among the players. One good thing to remember for that is to never judge a book by its cover. People are almost never just who they seem to be on the surface and the poker table can be like a mini-lab for checking out some of the variations that humanity has to offer. We poker players can be an odd but very interesting bunch. I’ve always been kind of proud of being slightly odd, so believe me when I say that it’s a good thing!

Hopefully I’ll meet some of your odd and interesting selves at the WPT500 Aria event coming up soon. No doubt there will be a lot of runners for such a cool tournament so come over and say hi!

The brand new partypoker Sunday tournament schedule!

The all new partypoker has introduced a new Sunday tournament schedule. The key changes are the addition of an action-packed fun $ 10K Super Bounty and a wide range of new low buy-in tournaments featuring the best of the old but also new speed, rebuy, add-on and PLO tournaments – a great Sunday mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

Finite energy, infinite possibilities

I have recently gone on a short trip to Guernsey, which I discovered is just 20 km from France even though it is a British Crown Dependency. The weather was very nice, too, which also might make you forget that it’s so close to England! Just a beautiful little island, very laid back. It reminded me a little of Monte Carlo insofar as it’s a small place but there is still a lot going on.

I’m now relaxing before going to Las Vegas for the WSOP, which is where I’ll likely be by the time you read this. Speaking of relaxing, I’ll be playing a lot but I’ll be giving myself a chance to relax and enjoy myself, too.

In the past I used to play many days in a row without a break, but I’ve discovered over the years it’s much better not to overexert yourself. It’s easy to get lost in poker if you come to the table without a plan for how long you are going to play and with some idea of when you’ll be stepping away.


My approach is always to take one tournament at a time, and not go to the WSOP thinking about playing as many tournaments as I can. That’s just not a good approach for always playing your A-game and being focused and just plain feeling well.

Of course, young guys with lots of energy feel like they’ve got an endless supply and can play all day every day and go out at night, too. There’s so much to do in Las Vegas — shows, restaurants, and of course lots of other ways to gamble your money away. But I know that for me to do my best I need to know there’s a beginning and an end and that I’ll be focused for the entire time I’m playing.

I can see it at the tables, especially in long tournaments, when players are exhausted and as a result aren’t thinking clearly or don’t even appear to care as much about making good decisions. They take chances more often and don’t play a smart game. So I always do what I can to avoid putting myself in that same circumstance.

Of all the times I’ve gone to the WSOP, aside from my first time going, I’ve only come away a loser one time and that was after having a pretty unlucky series. But otherwise I’ve come out on top, and I attribute that to having planned a careful schedule which lets me play as well as I can every time I buy into an event.

The energy you have is finite — it’s like a stack of chips, and you have to conserve it by playing it intelligently. You can keep calling it off with small pairs if you want, or take other unnecessary chances, but more often than not you’ll end up with a shorter stack and make it more difficult to be successful.

It’s better not to play every hand, to fold sometimes, just like it’s better not to play every single tournament that comes along, but to measure the situation and pick the ones in which you’ll have the best chance of doing well.

100+ Top Poker Player Twitter Handles That You Need To Be Following Right Right Now!

Yadda Yadda Yadda – Okay skip this next bit and head straight to the handles if all you want are great twitter handles, however long story short a while back I wrote a piece entitled “Top 50 Poker Twitter Handles That You Need To Be Following” which going by the numbers you all loved. Intentionally I aimed it towards the reporting of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) and maybe that should have been in the title?

However trust me when I say I’ve never received so many comments/complaints/suggestions along the lines of “Oh man you idiot you forgot such and such player….” so it really seems that you want to know which poker playing twitter accounts to follow right?


Now whilst no list is ever, let me repeat that EVER EVER going to be complete (And still I’m going to get “you idiot you forgot…”) I of course fully welcome all the “ohh man not again look you forgot…such and such” here listed simply in alphabetical order that’s all is our list which trust me will never be complete, did I mention that, what? No, NEVER EVER COMPLETE…

With that out of the way some of these are pure genius, some are well written and thought provoking, some clearly have way too much free time on their hands but are all worth a look:

1. @_FullFlush1_ – Luke Schwartz claims he’s the best poker player in the world.
2. @AllenCunningham – With that many WSOP bracelets you should follow him.
3. @allenkessler – Aka The Chainsaw, enough said?
4. @Amatos_poker – Well known and liked Spanish player who’s very community focused.
5. @AMFrankenberger – First he played Wall Street now he plays poker, very very well.
6. @Andrew_Robl – His twitter profile says it all “Gambler”
7. @Annette_15 – Annette Obrestad claims she never deposited money on any poker site.
8. @annieduke – As well as all her success she also wrote Decide to Play Great Poker great read.
9. @Anton_Wigg – A non stop poker machine if you go by his Hendon Mob results!
10. @b_campanello45 – Bryan Campanello
11. @barrygreenstein – All round nice guy, the Robin Hood of poker they call him.
12. @BeL0WaB0Ve – Kevin Saul
13. @brianchastings – “24 year old poker player and cool guy” what more do you need?
14. @cada99 – 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
15. @CarlosMortensen – 2001 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
16. @cmoneymaker – 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
17. @Daleroxxu – Really?
18. @danfleyshman – Knows his way around the table and does a lot of work for charity.
19. @daniel_shak – Get ready for a Shak Attack!
20. @danobrienpoker – All that and World’s #1 grill master for open face barbecues.
21. @dansmithholla – Again go check his Hendon Mob results and you’ll see why!
22. @devilfish2011 – For stories you just won’t believe.
23. @davidv1213 – For sure one to watch.
24. @DominikNitsche – Third in Country Flags on Hendon Mob – Yes he cashes a lot.
25. @EdogPoker – That’s Erick Lindgren and he loves a good prop bet!
26. @elkypoker – Triple Crown Winner.
27. @epitomised – James Atkin, runs a good blog too!
28. @ericmizrachi – Says it all “I play with cards, chips & peoples minds!”
29. @Erik_Seidel – Well he’s in the Poker Hall of Fame are you?
30. @EugeneKatchalov – “Poker Player living the dream out of a suitcase” awesome.
31. @evybabee – Evelyn Ng “pro poker player / fake plastic guitar enthusiast / xboxDj”
32. @felipemojave – Brazilian poker player all over the place!
33. @FenwayKing – Great twitter account one to watch.
34. @FoieGrasAddict – Winner of the 2011 Doyle Brunson World Poker Classic, fan of bocce.
35. @FossilMan – 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
36. @gregfbt – Two-time World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner.
37. @GregMerson – 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
38. @hollywood_dave – The self proclaimed “bad boy of blackjack”
39. @HuckleberrySeed – “Drifter, off to see the world…” this should be good…
40. @IJasonAlexander – Used to be on some show on TV, plays poker now…
41. @ikepoker – Isaac Haxton has a list of results on Hendon Mob about the length of my arm…
42. @ItsJohnnyChan – Two-time back-to-back WSOP Main Event World Champion
43. @JakeCody – “Youngest ever triple crown winner.”
44. @James_Akenhead – Part of the London based poker group The Hitsquad.
45. @JasonKoon – “Living in the moment” what can we say?
46. @JasonMercier – Really? Come on…
47. @JamieKerstetter – Team PartyPoker pro, animal lover, pizza eater and occasional tax attorney
48. @JeffMadsenobv “sparkle obsessed chick nicknamed Jennicide.” What’s not to like?
49. @johneamespoker Tony G’s son…
50. @JonathanLittle Jonathan Little
51. @JosephHachem – 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
52. @JonathanDuhamel – 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
53. @JP_Kelly5 – Another non stop poker machine look at his Hendon Mob results!
54. ‏@jvfricke - Jimmy….
55. @MagicAntonio – A legend know on and off the felt!
56. @junglemandan – The kids a genius.
57. @JustinBonomo – Once again knows poker inside out going by his Hendon Mob listings.
58. @KaraOTR – Kara Scott has some of the best tweets out there.
59. @KevinMacPhee – Deep…”. I play poker to lose myself in the game…”
60. @LaceyJones – “TV Host • Model • Poker Player”
61. @leechilds – Quite the list of cashes on his Hendon Mob account.
62. @LeoMargets – “Do More Of What Makes You Happy”, we like that.
63. @lindleyloo – “World Poker Tour’s Ones To Watch” alrighty…
64. @Liv_Boeree – “Metalhead, Physics-lover, Adrenaline Junkie”
65. @LuckBoxJuanda – Trust us he’s no luckbox or is he?
66. @MadMarvin – No list would ever be complete without Marvin plus he plays on PartyPoker!
67. @mariaho – Probably better than you’ll ever be at this game right?
68. @Maridu – You had us at “if we listen to enough Beatles, & Led Zep all problems in the world can be solved….”
69. @MastaP89 – WSOP Main Event Winner in 2011.
70. @Matthew_Waxman – “Professional poker player and entrepreneur”
71. @mcleankarr – “@Tattytats Armcandy” what can we say?
72. @melanieweisner – Pretty good on a unicycle.
73. @MikeMcDonald89 Operator of bankoftimex
74. @milkybarkiid  - Ben Grundy
75@mitchell1969 – Mitchell Cogert – Author of Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves
76. @Moorman1 – Poker player, world traveler and football enthusiast.
77. @mwbinger – Over 10 years of cashes on his Hendon Mob page.
78. @msalsberg - Matt Salsberg need we say more…
79. @nickbinger – Poker Player, Traveler, Snowboarder
80. @noahjschwartz – “Its Schwartzieee Baby…” yep that’ll work for us.
81. @olivierbusquet – “Knowledge seeker” well that’s what we’re after too.
82. @paulgees81 – Paul Volpe
83. @Patnitrof  – “Part time poker player, full time troublemaker” sounds fun right?
84. @phil_hellmuth – How many WSOP bracelets does one man need?
85. @PhilGalfond – We could all learn a thing or two from this fella.
86. @‏professorben – A wise chap.
87. @RaSZi  - Lex Veldhuis
88. @realcharder30 – Christian Harder
89. @RealJamieGold – WSOP Main Event winner 2006.
90. @RealKidPoker – Outspoken and well liked in the poker community
91. @roothlus – Very funny guy and obviously great poker player.
92. @Samtrickett1 – Ex footballer turned pro poker and exceptionally good at it.
93. @ScottBaumstein – Team PartyPoker Pro, Commentator, Coach, Pretty good at Minesweeper
94. @shaundeeb – “Please enjoy my messups and bad grammar” okay.
95. @subiime – Joseph Cheong
96. @sorelmizzi – 2010 Bluff Magazine Player of the Year
97. @steveodwyer – Quite an impressive list of cashes on his Hendon Mob page.
98. @texdolly – WSOP Main Event winner 1976 and 1977.
99. @TomDwan – Tom Dwan
100. @thegrinder44 – Michael Mizrachis account is well worth following.
101. @thehitwoman – Pro player married to Erick Lindgren.
102. @TheReaLMander – Amanda Musumeci – “Cool Cucumber”
103. @thescottynguyen – WSOP Main Event winner 1998 baby…
104. @yellowsub86 – Jeff Williams

Once again, let me know who I clearly missed…

Wow a ton of twitter handles and I clearly still missed ALL your favorites right? So let’s hear it, get it off your chest, you’ll feel better for it. Really these are the times I love getting feedback from you guys. Leave them in the comments below along with something witty, and of course many thanks in advance.

Jason Mercier chops for $1.6million, takes Gold

If ever there was a model of consistency, it would be Jason Mercier. Since his breakthrough win at EPT Sanremo in 2008, his career has been a relentless tide of cashes. Not just your small-ball sums, either. No, Mercier likes it large. Yesterday, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, he chopped the $ 100,000 Summer Super High Roller four ways for $ 1,622,181.

Being something of a statistics nerd, I got quite excited by that figure, because I was sure it would propel Team PokerStars Pro Mercier into the Top Ten All Time Money List, an accomplishment that would, if he ever needed it, give him yet more credibility as one of the world’s best.

Tenth spot on that list was held by Jamie Gold, mostly of course from his $ 12million WSOP win in 2006. Mercier needed to top him to break into the elite. After his Bellagio win this weekend, the figures looked like this

10th Jason Mercier, $ 12,248,202
11th Jamie Gold, $ 12,245,468

His sensational chop with Dan Smith, Tom Marchese and Jason Somerville was enough to sneak into the top ten by the skin of his teeth.

Many congratulations, Jason. Just so you know, another couple of hundred grand and you’ll overtake fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel in ninth. Go get him!


Jason Mercier, moneybags

Melissa Burr – Making History In The Players Championship

It’s official… when the bubble burst in the  $ 50K Players Championship at 10:38pm EST, Melissa Burr cemented herself into her rightful place in history by becoming the first woman to ever make the money in the nine year existence of this WSOP event.

Introduced in 2006, the Poker Players Championship was originally a $ 50K H.O.R.S.E. and boasted a higher buy-in than any other mixed game event.  Like moths to a flame, champion elite level players were drawn to this high-stakes event, and by 2010, it had evolved into what it still is today. The name was changed to accurately represent the players who filled its seats and began highlighting an eight-game mixed rotation of  NLHE, PLO, 2–7 Triple Draw Lowball, LHE, O8, Razz, Stud and Stud 8B.

Joining the roster of players who have made it to the money in this event, #teampartypoker representative Melissa Burr has earned herself the right to be referred to as one of the best players in the world. The precedent is set; a woman has cashed in the Players Championship.


Burr has been causing a buzz in the poker industry that has steadily grown louder over the past few weeks, capturing attention by making two final tables early in the series. She finished 8th in the $ 10,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Low Championship, and immediately followed that up with a 5th place finish in the  $ 1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low, proving herself a force to be reckoned with. Just to drive the point home, #teampartypoker representative  @burrrrrberry booked a 9th place finish in the $ 1,500 Dealer’s Choice Six-Handed just last week. That alone is a huge accomplishment for someone who has only ever cashed in one single event in her four year WSOP career, but this accomplishment is certainly a cherry on top.

I was able to catch up with Melissa via the wonders of technology to get her reaction to this milestone occasion  and the ever-humble and eloquent Burr did not disappoint.

Congratulations, Melissa; you just made history. How do you feel?

Oh my gosh! There are no words. This is so surreal, and after making it this deep, I can only think about closing in on the final table.

How do you think being the first woman to cash in the Players Championship will affect the poker industry overall?

I think this will be extremely eye-opening to women, specifically, showing them that there is a world outside of No-Limit, and you can do it. And if there’s any reason that I want to cash this, it’s for that reason alone. There are other games out there and they are fun and they are suited for women and they can be successful playing them. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Anyone? Are you saying that making it to the money in this event isn’t as challenging as it’s perceived to be?

Well, no. It wasn’t easy. It was a really solid field overall. I had two very tough tables yesterday. It wasn’t a good table draw yesterday at all.

And how will it affect you personally?

It already has. I am truly humbled by this experience. Additionally, I think that the extra attention of being the first will bring more exposure to mixed games and representing partypoker at the same time hopefully will bring some attention to the need for more of these types of games online. The popularity of mixed and limit games is growing and continues to grow exponentially and mixed game players like me can only benefit from more people becoming interested in playing mixed and limit instead of limiting themselves to No-Limit.

 As the field size continues to decrease, do you sense that the competition is becoming more stiff?

There are a lot of good players left; a ton of professionals who have more experience than me. They have been in this spot more times than I have.

Without giving away too much intel, what’s your strategic plan to make it to the final table?

The limit games are overtaking the big bet games right now and they’re more important for the purpose of staying in. Let’s leave it at that.

At one point, you found yourself down to 3 big bets. What was it that gave you the power to not just call it a day and punt?

The people who have been supporting me reminded me that I’ve done more with less. And they were right. Do you mind if I take a moment to acknowledge them actually?

Not at all – please do.

First, my boyfriend, Ryan Miller, has been on every rail sweating and rooting for me, but not only that,  he’s the person who receives my panic texts – he has the ability to calm me down and will text me how great I’m doing on a regular basis. He only wants the best for me.  Jordan Siegel told me the night before this event “Just remember – YOU BELONG HERE”, and encouraged me to play. He continues to support me throughout everything. And my two No-Limit friends Roman and Jesse, who were the primary reasons I played this event… They told me I should play and that they would buy a small piece if it helped.  They were the first people to put the idea in my head and it was their confidence in me that spurred me to see if I could actually play it.

There are so many countless people I want to give a shoutout to, but for fear of missing even one of them I’ll stop here.  I can say with absolute certainty that every positive word and interaction that has happened on this journey is a large part of my success. Without this group of people supporting me I wouldn’t be half the player I am today. So thank you, each and every one of you.

Wow. What an endorsement. And with that, I’ll let you return to doing what you really came here to do. Again, congratulations on this amazing accomplishment and for allowing all of us at #teampartypoker to be a part of this journey. We’ll talk to you more when you reach the final table.

Let’s do this now! Ok here I go…

The brand new partypoker Sunday tournament schedule!

The all new partypoker has introduced a new Sunday tournament schedule. The key changes are the addition of an action-packed fun $ 10K Super Bounty and a wide range of new low buy-in tournaments featuring the best of the old but also new speed, rebuy, add-on and PLO tournaments – a great Sunday mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

Skipping the WSOP for my own wine country

The first half of 2014 is about to end, it was a time full of news both about poker and my life.

The main event on the Italian poker scene is definitely the first edition of “La Casa degli Assi”, a TV talent show about poker, based on the French show “La Maison du Bluff” that just finished on June 1st. I personally took part in the casting phase to choose the competitors who were to participate in this tv project, and I must admit it was a very fun and interesting experience.


With the contribution of an expert in body language, an expert in human resources selection for companies and especially with the assistance of Luca Pagano, we met many candidates before making a selection based on their behavioral attitudes and their way of thinking, trying to identify the most suitable to undertake this adventure. The choice was not easy, but in the end I think we did a good job, making a well-assorted group of people, all of them desirous to learn more and improve their game.

They spent 5 weeks in a beautiful villa in Morocco with Luca Pagano and Alberto Russo, the official Italian voice of EPT and IPT. This first edition of “La Casa Degli Assi” was won by 24 Daniele Palini: the young participant from Brescia won the jackpot of €50.000.

I am confident that this program may have been an inspiration to many young people who want to explore the world of poker, and I hope it have conveyed the message that it takes a lot of study and work to improve their own skills and mental attitudes.

The other big event in Italy in this first part of 201, was the Sanremo EPT with the historic victory of Vicky Coren, to whom I offer my warmest congratulations for becoming the first player to win and EPT Main Evet two times.

At this time you usually leave to the WSOP and make programs about which events playing in Las Vegas. But as I said, it’s time for big changes even in my personal life and, because of these novelties, this year I will not be at the WSOP.

With my partner, I decided to go and live out of town, in the countryside. So we bought a mansion with a vineyard in Tuscany, near Florence; our project is to become winemakers and live in an environmentally friendly manner. We will spend this summer renovating the house with the aim to move there at the end of the year.

So my next live tournament will be the Italian Poker Tour in Saint Vincent in late July, but in the meantime I’ll be busy a lot in grinding online, with the aim of becoming a Supernova Elite.

Ultimately I hope that the second part of the year will be just as exciting and eventful as the first one was and, above all, I hope to be able to achieve all the goals that I have set.

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